3 Fun Save the Date Ideas



As a destination wedding specialist, one of the many things I love to do is show my brides all the unique and interesting options for wedding stationary such as save the dates, invitations, programs and more.

Of course, being both a travel professional and a certified destination wedding specialist, my favourite stationary theme is anything related to travel. Are you surprised? Many of these options can be ordered from one of my suggested stationary vendors, online from places like Etsy, or even done as a DIY project with templates that I keep on hand just for this occasion!

Today, I’ll share with you three of my favourite travel themed and fun Save the Date ideas, perfect for a destination wedding!

1. The Boarding Pass – This is one of my favourite styles as it resembles the “old school” boarding passes. I realize some of you techie brides may not have seen such things before as you likely just scan your BP from your smartphone, but these do still exist! I love this option as not only does it draw attention to the fact that travel is involved with your wedding, but there’s room for a few images, as well as your basic info, along with instructions that more details will follow.

If you’ve created a wedding website, it’s also a good option to include that web address on here as well. You could address the reverse side and mail this like a postcard, or better yet, purchase or create a simple little boarding pass cover, and address this on the exterior. Isn’t it sweet?

2. The Passporc215b6be14fe55109e088fa4b4a5e247-682x1024t – Option number 2 is likely one of the most unique options I’ve seen for save the dates. It is a little more challenging as a DIY project, but there are a few stationary suppliers now offering this version, as well as many online Etsy vendors.

The passport style allows you to the option to include more general information about you, or your wedding location just by adding more pages, or you can keep it simple and just do the title page with the important date and location.

3. The Mailing/Luggage Tag – Personally, I’d make this into a luggage tag by printing the reverse side with the guests name, address, and phone number, and mail it in a separate outer envelope.

Nowadays, airline and travel suppliers don’t include luggage tags with your documents, so not only is the save the date informative, but can be useful if travelling with the group later as well!

There are so many great ideas out there for wedding stationary, not only for travel themes, but beach theme, vintage, steampunk, you name it. Gone are the days of the traditional white ribbon and wedding bells…

With so many choices, tell me, what’s your favourite style?

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