5 Biggest Destination Wedding Mistakes Brides Make



Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting, yet challenging times you’ll experience in your lifetime.  Many brides choose to do a destination wedding as it will simplify the number of items on her “to do” list, and because it’s a fun and unique way to celebrate their special day.

Sometimes though, getting caught up in the ease of planning a destination wedding, a bride can forget to consider a few very important details.

Here’s the 5 biggest destination wedding mistakes I’ve seen made by brides.

1. The Dress – The beauty of a destination wedding is that there really are no “traditions” you must hold to. The event can be completely customized to your hearts desire. But if you’re getting married in the tropics, do keep this in mind when selecting your dress.

Yes, the crystal covered ball gown with the crinoline and cathedral train may look amazing on you, but is it really practical for a tropical wedding? Not only do you want to consider the temperature while you’ll be corseted up in a gown like this, but keep in mind you need to transport the gown to your destination.

Shipping is an option, not one that I recommend, but trying to fit a gown like this in an overhead compartment just won’t work.  So unless you’re willing to buy a seat on the plane for, “Ms. Wedding Gown”, try and keep the gown fitting to your location.

2. Choosing the Wrong Package – Many brides get caught up in the idea of a “free” wedding, and I’ll admit, I’m always on the lookout for a good deal myself! But not investigating what exactly is covered in your free wedding package is a big mistake.

Some free packages will only cover the Bride & Groom, or less than 10 guests. If you have to pay the average $25-40 per extra guest, and you have 50 guests attending your wedding, your free package just became $2000.

Likely choosing one of the upgraded packages for not much more, would have covered all your guests, and would have included extras like room upgrades, flowers or even photos!

3. Forgetting about your Guests – It’s easy to get caught up in the planning of your wedding day, with all the wedding forums, blogs, and dare I say, websites like Pinterest, you can become consumed with so many thoughts and ideas. But.. please don’t’ forget your guests!

These are your closest friends and family that have travelled a long way, and have paid a lot of money to be with you for your wedding. Including some small gestures or special touches for them in your planning, such as a welcome bag, group excursion or cocktail party is a great way to show you care.

If your wedding package doesn’t include these type of events, even providing a wedding itinerary with informal gatherings, such as “7PM Meet & Greet Cocktails at the Lobby Bar” will allow some together time, without breaking the budget.

4. Not getting it in Writing – For a OCD person such as me, I always forget that not everyone is a stickler for the details. Planning a destination wedding is a fun time, but be sure that your wedding contract with your vendors has your pricing, location and events all in writing, that way there’s no surprises when you meet with them on your arrival.

5. Going it Alone – Yes, destination weddings are usually easier to plan that a traditional wedding. But there are still many things to consider.. are you getting married in a foreign country? Do you have your legal documents in order? Can you understand the local representative? What do you mean there’s a charge for the reception because I have more than 40 guests?

Hiring someone with the experience and expertise to help things run smoothly will save you time, stress, and keep you on budget.

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