5 Reasons Destination Wedding are a No Brainer


Did you know that destination weddings have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and that one in four couples now considers a destination wedding?

Every once in a while when I’m asked what I do, I’m questioned as to why someone would ever want to consider having a destination wedding. While I resist the urge to tap them on the forehead, I usually respond with one of these…

5 Reasons Why Destination Weddings really are a no-brainer!

1. Stress Free – If the thought of spending 8 months to a year planning your wedding stresses you out, consider the convenience of a destination wedding. Not only is a destination wedding a one stop shop for both your wedding and honeymoon, but the planning process can be extremely simple, as easy as choosing your resort, and then selecting a wedding package from a pre-arranged selection.

Of course, as a destination wedding planner I love to recommend you personalize your wedding in some way, but really, you don’t need to. Once your wedding is booked, the local onsite coordinator will contact you to verify your selection of flowers, restaurant choice for dinner, preferred location, and that’s about it! They will meet with you when you arrive to show you the venues, but everything is pretty much taken care of for you to just walk down the aisle. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

2. Smaller Guest List – If having your wedding at home means you’ll feel obligated to invite 250 guests, everyone from weird uncle Joe, to the 40 third cousins you’ve barely met, then consider the perks of a destination wedding. Although some can be smaller, some can be larger, the average destination wedding has about 40 guests. It can be as intimate of a gathering of close family and friends as you want it to be. And I guarantee you, you won’t have 40 cousins showing up to partake in the free food and drink and partying like mad, as you would back home!

3. Far Flung Family – If the bride and groom both have family in different parts of the globe, it only makes sense to do a destination wedding. By staying home, one family is likely to do all the travelling and thus incur a much greater expense to attend, so by choosing a well thought out location geographically, it can mean both families can travel equal distances. Likely more guests will attend from each side, which is a great opportunity to have the time for both sides of the family to mix and mingle, and get to know one another better.

4. Been There, Done That – If this is your second marriage, and you’ve already done the big traditional wedding, try something different! Why not choose a location where you’ve shared a memorable experience, or what about somewhere you’ve both always wanted to go, but never have? A destination wedding is great for second marriages as it allows you to have a memorable wedding that’s completely different from your first wedding, yet still special and unique.

5. Cost Savings– The average traditional wedding in Canada costs $25,000 for one day. The average destination wedding is $5000. Not only is a destination wedding 1/5th of the cost of a traditional wedding, but it’s a wedding celebration with special family and friends that can last as long as a week!

What do you think, am I right, are destination weddings a no-brainer? If you think a destination wedding is right for you, be sure to drop me a line or give me a call, and we can talk about your dream location!


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