What We Do..

Our specialty is toes in sand, worry-free Destination Wedding Planning.

Based in St. Thomas, Ontario, we assist couples not only in the St. Thomas and London, Ontario area, but all of Southwestern Ontario and Canada as well.  We’ve even served clients as far away as Dubai UAE, and New Zealand! We’re super lucky to have the ability to combine our passion for travel, along with a passion for wedding and event planning.

Our clients are busy, fun-loving, adventurous couples who desire guidance, value and personalized customer service while planning their Big Day.


How I Do It..

Using my years of experience, research skills, and special two-part “Matchmaker” system, I’ll determine your preferred wedding style & find your perfect destination. I’ll find creative ways to stretch your budget and wow your guests while still incorporating your original style and personalities.

I’ll also act as  your cultural translator and use my personal relationships with local suppliers to ensure you receive the best value for a wedding that is a true reflection of you.

I work endlessly to create a distinctive wedding that incorporates your vision for your Dream Day. After all, I’m not just planning a trip, or planning a wedding, I’m planning a whole life experience!


A Few Fun Facts About Me..
  • I’m OCD (Overly conscious of the details) I believe this truly helps me plan the best wedding possible for my clients. After all, it’s the little details that make the biggest impact!
  • I own more than 40 pairs of shoes. I LOVE shoes, I’m able to gain or lose 20 lbs and they always will fit!
  • I’m the Queen of Home Improvement. I’m a self-taught carpenter, plumber, and can install ceramic tile. I did fail electrician status though after the ceiling fan incident.
  • I’m addicted to online learning. In fact, if you know of any online support groups, I’d likely join that too.
  • Grilled fish tacos are my current favourite food.


My Story..

I’ve been a professional travel counsellor for 26 years, with over 13 years in Destination Weddings. (That’s right, I know I don’t LOOK old enough to have been around this long!) I’m a certified Destination Wedding Specialist with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, have achieved Master Agent status with AM Resorts, and wear a Gold Crown with Palace Hotels.

I’ve travelled throughout Mexico & the Caribbean and have had the opportunity to view many resorts, and make personal contact with local suppliers. I’ve spent time in Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Aruba, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Mexico. I’ve also enjoyed travelling to New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, New Orleans and overseas visits to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland & China.

I remain current by attending annual conferences, doing many training seminars, as well as stay updated on latest trends by doing LOADS of research!


Why I do What I do..

I LOVE everything to do with Destination Weddings. From selecting the right location, choosing the ceremony venue, to envisioning the sparkle at the reception. I believe every couple deserves a beautiful, meaningful wedding done their own way without going into long term debt. I’m also a sucker for the happily ever afters..


Nicole Bedard, DWS, WPICC

Destination Wedding & Group Specialist
Elgin Travel & Cruises Travelplus
417 Wellington St.
St. Thomas, On Canada N5R 5J5

PH (519) 633-6300 Toll Free (888) 849-2789
TICO registration #2049727



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