De-Stressing the Island Bride


Let’s face it, when you’re planning a wedding, it can become quite stressful. Not only are you responsible for making decisions for one of the biggest days of your life, you still have to live your everyday schedule, and heck,  maybe even deal with some family “politics” surrounding the wedding! When you throw in getting married away from home, it’s no wonder most destination brides suffer from PWS. (Pre-Wedding Syndrome)

Taking a little time for yourself to release that nervous energy is essential. Everyone knows that stress can cause upset tummies, acne, hives, and dark circles from sleepless nights, and no bride wants to have that in her photos! If that alone isn’t enough to convince you how important it is to take care of yourself, there is one other thing that can be said about a stressed out bride.. dare I say “Bridezilla?”.

Here’s my top 5 ways to De-Stress the Island Bride

1. Get Lots of Sleep – One of the biggest causes of Bride Brain is lack of sleep. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, how often have you lain awake at night in bed thinking about your wedding day? Then the next day you can barely function, or answer even the simplest of questions?

Getting enough sleep is essential to both your physical and mental health.  There is no magic number for the quantity of sleep required, it ranges for everyone, but your goal should be long enough that you feel rested afterwards.Try setting a nighttime ritual, like a hot bath, or cup of tea a half hour before bed to help you relax.

Sticking to a routine helps program your brain to recognize these signals and get your body ready for sleep.  Also make sure your bedroom is primed and ready for sleeping, remove all distractions like computers, TV, and ensure you can block out any light. Following these tips should ensure you are doing your best to make sleep a priority.

2. Run (or exercise) – I say run as I have friends that swear by this as a way to relax. For me, the only time I might consider running is if there was ever a zombie apocalypse. And even that’s doubtful.

But I do agree that exercise, whether it be running, biking, weights or even dancing, is an excellent way to release some of that built up nervous energy that can really make a dream bride, into a nightmare bride.

3. Eat well & adequately – Most commonly, many brides think “Diet” before the wedding, and end up only putting MORE stress on themselves to achieve a certain goal. I believe that making sure you are eating moderately, not too much, not too little, and sticking to a healthy diet full of “clean” foods, you not only will feel better and have more energy, but you might just look better in that dress after all!

4. Make a “To Pack Box” – You know all those little things you’ve planned for the wedding that need to come with you? Things like favors, maids gifts, welcome bags, and programs? Instead of running around at the last minute trying to remember where you stashed these 6 months ago, I recommend making a “To Pack Box” and keeping it in one central location.

A Rubbermaid bin works great for this, just drop stuff in as you receive it, so that when you’re getting ready to pack for your Big Day, everything you need is easily found.

5. Arrive Early – If at all possible, try and arrive at your destination at least 3 days before your wedding.  In most cases, you will need to meet with the onsite coordinator prior to your Big Day to go over all your final details. Plus.. you likely will want to get the “lay of the land” if you are unfamiliar with your location.

It’s one thing to view images online, but once you see the property in person, you may wish to make some changes to your ceremony setup. Arriving early not only allows you sufficient time to make any last minute adjustments, but if you are coming from a winter weather destination, it also gives you a little peace of mind in case of weather delays. Nobody wants to be late for their own wedding!


Never ignore your health and state of mind as wedding planning can sometimes make you feel like you might explode. If you’re about to throttle your fiancé, haven’t slept in weeks, or find yourself bursting into tears often, you need to take action.

Test out these surefire ways to soothe that stress, and let’s turn you into that calm, cool and collected bride who has it going on, on her wedding day.  Do you have any ideas you swear by to de-stress? Want more tips from me?

Just shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

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