How to Make Your Guests Feel Special


When planning a destination wedding, keep in mind that your guests will be committing to time off work and away from home, as well as incurring a greater expense to attend than if you marry at home.

Recognizing your guests are going above and beyond, and showing how much you appreciate them is something I feel all couples that should include with their planning.  It does not need to be costly, but should make them feel that you’ve thought about them, and are super happy they are attending.

Here’s my Top 4 Ways to Make your guests feel special

1. Make it easy.
Try to choose a location that is easily accessible to your guests regardless of their home base. As well, be sure to provide your guests with details on how to book or join your wedding trip. A Evite or wedding website can be created on your behalf by A-DestinationWedding to ensure your guests have all the pertinent details, just ask!

2. Verify if anyone needs special assistance.
Does Grandma need a wheelchair? Is your sister travelling with her newborn infant? Does anyone have dietary or special medical requirements? Be sure to inform your wedding advisor so we’re able to make the proper arrangements for these guests in destination, and keep everything running smoothly for all.

3. Welcome Bags.
A welcome bag is a great way to thank your guests for joining you in celebrating your special day. Things such as sample size sunscreen, lip balm, aloe lotion and Advil are great additions to this bag.

Make it even more personal by including a customized wedding week itinerary detailing their travel arrangements, local info, as well as a wedding day itinerary and any special events you’ve planned for the week.

4. Plan a group activity before or after the wedding.
A cocktail party is a great way to welcome your guests arrival. It’s also a great time to hand out welcome bags to avoid paying distribution fees charged by the resort. What about an off-site excursion? Snorkelling, catamaran rides, or even a wine tasting can be pre-arranged on your behalf to extend the festivities.

If the budget is tight, what about a beach volleyball game, his side against hers?

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