Top Tips for Hurricane Brides


I realized today as I am sorting through a stack of new requests for upcoming weddings, that many of the potential travel dates are for summer and fall, right in the heart of hurricane season.  This is actually quite surprising as most travellers shy away from this time of year.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a travel professional, hurricane season is our “off” season, so the majority of times, this is when I take my personal travel. In fact, I recently travelled to Jamaica in October, and the weather was perfect 90% of the time. But it did make me think of many of the questions and concerns Bride’s ask about when booking a wedding for this season, so I decided to put together this short list.

Nicole’s Top Tips for Hurricane Brides!

1. Plan an Early Arrival – Be sure to arrive at your destination with plenty of time before the scheduled wedding. Even if you are held up by delays, or potential stormy weather, this ensures that you still have to time to arrive before the big day!

2. Investigate your Back-up Venues – Part of my job as your destination wedding specialist and travel arranger is to be sure you know about the options for a back-up venue in case of rain or bad weather. On my trip to the Mayan this past June, it was a kick-in-the-pants reminder on how very important this is. During the first 3 days of our tour we had torrential downpours, and I am so glad to have had the chance to see all the options for Plan B.

Yes, you might not have your toes in the sand, but there are still some great options that will offer an amazing service nonetheless. And for me, I’m a firm believer that you can ward off most evils if you’re well prepared in advance!

3. Keep a Positive Attitude – A Destination Wedding is an adventure regardless of the time of year. Yes, your situation has changed and it’s not what you had been planning on for the last 8-12 months. If you let this get you down, it will likely affect the entire groups attitude.

Keeping a smile on your face, and a positive attitude will let your guests know you’re still super excited to be getting married, and will spread like wildfire. Besides.. who says you can’t dance in the rain?

4. Know the Odds – Hurricane season in the Caribbean and Mexico runs July to November. The most turbulent months tend to be September & October, but know that just because this tends to be the most active season, does not mean you’ll be affected by a hurricane.

If you were getting married at home here in Canada, would you not book your wedding between the months of October and May, because you’d be worried about getting snowed in?

Yes, these freak things can happen, but don’t let the what-ifs overshadow the joy of planning a wedding away.

So, if your heart is set on a destination wedding, and the only time of year that works financially is hurricane season, don’t despair, keep these top tips for hurricane brides in mind and i’m sure it will be smooth sailing.

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