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Palace Resorts really know how to throw a wedding!

I had the privilege recently to visit two of the most popular Palace resorts on the Mayan Riviera, the Playacar Palace, and the Moon Palace. Although the smaller Playacar Palace is more fitting to my personal tastes, I can definitely see why these properties are consistently in high demand.

The Moon Palace is a sprawling resort, over 2500 rooms, and has such a wide range of activities, it easily caters to families as well as couples and groups. The Playacar by comparison, is much more compact, but offers a fantastic location in the heart of Playa del Carmen, on a fabulous beach, and close to all the local nightlife should you choose to venture off your resort.

In dealing with destination weddings, by far the most common question I’m asked is to recommend a property that will give the group the most benefits. With destination weddings gaining in popularity more and more each day, many resort chains have jumped on the “Free” wedding bandwagon in order to entice brides.

But, a note of caution, not all free weddings are created equal. Be sure to review exactly what your free package includes, and note the guest count that is covered. Sure, you might get a free wedding with some resorts for up to 8 people, but if you’re bringing a group of 50, and have to pay the extra person charge of $25 for each additional guest, that “free” package may not seem so attractive anymore.

Here’s why I think Palace Resorts offers the best bang for your buck!

Free Wedding – Palace Resorts offers a fantastic free wedding program compared to many other major resort chains. A Palace wedding includes your decorated venue, minister, bouquet, boutonniere, cake, sparkling wine to toast, and a la carte dinner reservations, all for up to 30 guests! Yes, 30!

Unlimited Free Events -For Canadian residents, groups booking a minimum of 75 room nights qualify for their unlimited events program. Covering up to a maximum of 3 hours per day, using the unlimited events plan is a fantastic way to plan more functions for your group with little to no extra cost. Typical events may include welcome parties, cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners or even a farewell brunch. What a great way to celebrate a wedding!

And if you’re worried about the 75 night restriction, don’t be, it’s as easy as booking 11 rooms for a one week trip. I can’t say how amazed I was when helping one of my brides reduce her invoice from $7700 USD for the weeks events, down to just $1387, and that includes 3 private events, her wedding, and a 5 hour reception with DJ service!

Resort Credit – Think it’s all about the bride & groom? Nope, Palace resorts has something extra for your guests as well. Not only will your guests enjoy a 5* all inclusive resort for the week, but they will also receive a $1500 USD credit per room that can be used to purchase on-site spa services, rounds of golf, off-site day tours, romantic dinners, or upgraded wines at dinner. That’s a fantastic value for your guests to help fill in the gaps from your unlimited events!

Preview Paradise – Not sure what to expect from a destination wedding, or nervous about booking a venue sight unseen? Don’t worry, Palace Resorts has you covered here too! Offering prospective brides a “preview” package that includes 3 nights at a Palace Resort, you’ll tour the facilities, inspect the venues, meet the staff and of course, enjoy the food and drink! The best part? The cost of this package will be refunded back to you as a credit on your master invoice, once your wedding takes place at the hotel. It’s a win-win deal!

Here’s a few images from one of my recent weddings at the Playacar Palace.. can you see yourself getting married here?

Pennies Playacar PalacePlayacar Palace cocktail terrace and dinner
All in all, I think the Palace Resorts are a fantastic option for groups and weddings.. don’t you agree? ┬áIf you want to learn more about Palace Resorts, and if it might be right for you, feel free to drop me a line, or give me a call.

Happy Planning!


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