Latest Requirements for Canadian Travellers

As of October 30th, 2021 all travellers aged 12yrs and over must be fully vaccinated to depart from a Canadian airport. If you are outside of Canada for longer than 72hrs you will also require a negative PCR test taken in your destination, within 72hrs of your return. Please note your destination country may also require proof of vaccination, or additional health authorization prior to your arrival.

Proof of vaccination and your negative test results must be uploaded into the ArriveCan App before your return home. See below for full details on accepted vaccinations, policy and procedures from the Government of Canada.

Special Conditions When Travelling with Children

Please be sure to read all terms and conditions regarding Covid testing, age exemptions and permissible activities.


I originally didn't buy cancellation insurance, can I purchase it now?
Concierge Plans can only be added within 48hrs of deposit, and basic cancellation plans within 7 days of your initial deposit.   As well, since Covid-19 is a "known" event, trip cancellation coverage will not cover cancellations due to Covid related advisories.  Cancellation insurance would protect you if cancelling due to the standard covered risks, such as unexpected sickness. For example, if you contracted Covid before departure your Doctor would advise against travel, and thus allowing you to claim for cancellation expenses. Plans are also available that provide 80% refund of penalties to Cancel for any reason, no questions asked. (Concierge Plans Only)


What about cancelling if I don't have insurance?
In most cases if the airline cancels your flight you will now be offered a refund, or the option to change dates or destination with a future credit.  If the airline is operating and you as the passenger decides not to travel, regardless of the reason, then you will be subject to the group terms and conditions for cancellation. This is loss of deposit before the balance due date, after balance date the penalties will become more severe the closer to departure.  In some cases, there may be group flexibility available to offer a travel credit for up to one year from departure for cancellations outside 60 days.  Refer back to the terms and conditions link provided with your booking for this breakdown, or reach out for further clarification.


Does travel medical insurance cover if I get Covid in destination?
Travellers under 74yrs of age may purchase emergency medical insurance for their trip with an added Covid-19 waiver.  This will cover up to $1,000,000 in hospital/medical expenses should you become sick with Covid in destination.  It also will provide up to $200 CAD per person per day ($400 max per family) for up to 14 days to cover accommodation expenses, meals or incidentals like telephone calls. 


If I test positive, what happens?
You will not be permitted to board your return flight and must quarantine in destination.  Some hotels will have rooms available at reduced rates, or offer you alternate accommodations for up to 14 days until a negative test or proof of recovery can be provided.  Many airlines (including Transat) will allow your return ticket to be changed to a new date with no fee or additional fare, but subject to availability. 


I have mixed vaccines, is that a problem?
Mexico and most popular Caribbean countries such as Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba do not require proof of vaccination for entry at the present time.  (Some destinations will require pre-arrival PCR or Antigen testing along with an uploaded questionnaire or travel authorizations) Many countries will now accept mixed vaccines, however please check the CIBT link below for the latest requirements for your destination, or reach out to your travel professional. 


Do I need to quarantine when I come home to Canada?
Fully vaccinated Canadians no longer need to quarantine for 14 days upon return, but are expected to still follow proper protocols such as wearing a mask while outside your home, and social distancing.  Temporary measures may be put in place at anytime which requires additional testing upon arrival into Canada, and may require self-isolation until negative test is received. Please follow guidelines as set out at the top of this page, for accurate government information. 


I don't want to/can't get vaccinated for personal reasons.  Can I still travel?
Unfortunately, to travel on any airline, train or bus from within Canada, those 12yrs and older are now required to provide proof of full vaccination.  You may apply for a travel exemption if lack of vaccination is for valid health or religious reasons, please check with your carrier to follow the process for application. 


Helpful Tips or Reminders
  1. Insurance will only cover claims for financial losses, and will not cover the value of a travel voucher if offered or available. 
  2. For added security and peace of mind, consider taking a rapid test (Antigen) prior to your departure to eliminate the possibility of being asymptomatic and having to quarantine in destination. 
  3. Your workplace via Chamber of Commerce may offer a supply of rapid tests for small businesses complimentary under Ontario's Provincial Antigen Screening Program.  Rapid antigen tests for travel are also available for purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart. 
  4. If you need to change or cancel your reservation please contact us as soon as possible to minimalize your penalties and to ensure your changes do not affect the timeline for remaining guests. 
  5. To avoid further financial losses we strongly recommend that adults who are not vaccinated, or do not intend to be vaccinated prior to travel, NOT proceed with travel arrangements at this time.  Insurance options available for purchase will only cover those who are not medically able to be vaccinated. 

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